Hardly a shop but we are starting to produce some of our own boxing clothing and also forging links with Pro-X Sports, who are suppliers of all boxing equipment and fitness supplements based in Sheffield.

Boxing & Nutrtion Supplies

The Pro-X Sports team understands what it really takes to practice or compete in mixed martial arts and boxing - and keeping fit. This means Pro-X Sports can provide you with true independent advice that comes with years of competing, to help you choose the gear that really works for you. That's why they stock a wide range of professional quality equipment and sportswear designed for your specific activities.Stocking some of the best known sportswear and fightgear brands, Pro-X Sports constantly renew their ranges to bring you the latest gear.

SBC Clothing

We've started to produce our own branded merchandise here at the gym. If you're interested in getting yourself a hoodie, t-shirt or hat with our new logo, either give us a call on 07747070783 or pick one up when you next visit us and represent SBC.