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Sheffield Boxing Centre GYM Glyn Rhodes MBE

The Sheffield Boxing Centre gym is based in Hillsborough on Burton Street in the old school building. We've been here now for around 17 years which has seen a huge number of aspiring boxers walk through our doors and into the ring. Inside the gym we've kitted the place out with 2 regulation sized rings, 32 punch bags, a speed ball, exercise mats, a whole load of weights & medicine balls and, most importantly, blood, sweat and tears.

Sheffield Boxing Centre


Gyln Rhodes MBE Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Glyn Rhodes

The founder and inspiration behind the gym, Glyn Rhodes has been the driving force at the Sheffield Boxing Centre since his retirement as a professional boxer in 1993. Having earned his training, managing and promoters licenses he now dedicates his time to those who show an aptitude for the sport of boxing and more so to anyone who walks through the gym doors with a determination and desire to improve themselves.

Matt Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Matt Mowat

Pro trainer. More info to come...

Andy Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Andy Manning

Trainer and matchmaker. More info to come.

Pat Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Pat Wills

Began boxing at the age of 10, has had the pleasure of meeting some great people and has found a career as a boxer very rewarding. Pat has been coaching about 7 years and is at level 2. Basically he has enjoys putting back into boxing what he's taken over the years.

Wayne Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Wayne Millen

Trainer, aged 50. Boxed for Richmond ABC then joined army at 18 where he continued to box. Wayne then trained with Mick Mulaney at Wicker Thai Boxing Club for 6 years before moving onto Parson's Cross ABC.

Greg Trainer Sheffield Boxing Centre

Greg Webster

Coach and ABA judge