About Us

Sheffield Boxing Centre offers a wider variety of classes open to both males and females of any ability level. If you have an interest in Boxing or getting into shape through training, whether you are a seasoned fighter or someone looking to get into the sport as a novice, we have numerous sessions on throughout the week to accommodate. All you have to do is get yourself through the door!

The Gym

We've been at our gym in the Old School Building on Burton Street, Hillsborough for seventeen years now and had some great times here. The building itself, which features in the hit Sheffield based film “The Full Monty,” has seen many esteemed guests walked through its doors. With royal visits from H.R.H Prince Charles to high profile footballers like Vinnie Jones, not to mention the welcome visit of boxing legends such as Jake LaMotta, there's many memories we're lucky enough to have had here. One of the more unforgettable ones was from "Hands of Stone" Roberto Duran who climbed into the ring and showed some of our young kids how to do it.

Glyn Rhodes

Glyn Rhodes MBE was born on November 22nd 1959, beginning his life at Newhall Road in Attercliffe, Sheffield. His childhood saw him move to Firth Park where, as an only child living with his Grandparents, he attended Huckalow Road Junior School. At the age of 11 he went on to study at Firth Park Secondary School where Glyn admits he was no angel, openly recalling:

“I'm not proud to say it now but I caused a few people, including my teachers, nightmares. I left school at sixteen with no qualifications or nothing and was unemployed straight away.”

From here Glyn walked into Brendan Ingles gym and ended up staying for the next 17 years, changing his life to a point where he still maintains it was the best move he ever made.

In his amateur years Glyn had 30 fights, not all of them successful, but nevertheless he turned pro at 19 with Brendan as his manager/trainer and it was at this moment that Glyn Rhodes became the 'Showboat'. He went on to have 65 professional fights, travelling all over Europe to fight in France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Switzerland, where Glyn now reflects:

“I never won abroad but I got a chance to travel to places I would never have gone if I had stayed hanging around the street corners getting in trouble with my mates. Through boxing, I also got a chance to meet people I would never have had the chance to meet.”

Glyn 'Showboat' Rhodes retired in 1993 and immediately went on to earn his trainer license 1994, followed swiftly by his manager license and eventually his promoter license. During his time as a professional trainer Glyn has had the pleasure of working with an ever growing number of kids that grow into domestic and international title challengers. Looking back he beams:

“The first kid I trained for a British title was Richie Wenton from Liverpool, who then travelled to Italy to fight for the European title and ultimately went on to Atlantic City to fight for the world title against the great Marco Antonio Barrera.”

Along the way Glyn has trained with many more great fighters, claiming the most professional he ever worked with as Herol "Bomber" Graham. As the same age as one and other Glyn and Herol spent many years in Brendan's gym with Herol (Glyn adds here he would have said “trained with” Herol but, everyone who knows him knows that he rarely trained). Herol's last fight was for the I.B.F world title against Charles Brewer this fight took place in Atlantic city on the undercard to Lennox Lewis vs Shannon Briggs for the W.B.C Heavyweight title, proving a great opportunity to be in the same gym as Lennox Lewis and Manny Steward in Miami.

Another fighter that Glyn has taken to title heights is Clinton Woods. After losing his IBF title in 2008, Clinton toyed with the idea of retirement and experienced obvious despondency on the back of the fight. It took only a visit to SBC, and the subsequent union with Glyn, in order to regain his fire and then earn back his IBF title in Jersey a year later.

Having been included in the 2013 New Years Honours list, Glyn Rhodes will be awarded an MBE for his services to boxing and a variety of charities. This accolade reinforces and legitimises all the effort that he has put into boxing during his 37 year involvement in the sport.